Face Reading in Melbourne

Every face tells a unique story. But did you know that the shape and features of your face can reveal a lot about your behaviours, characteristics, and even attitudes that have stemmed from your life experiences?

Essentially, your face is a map of how you have interacted with and experienced the world around you. With a profound understanding of your face through face reading, you’ll be able to better navigate yourself and communicate with people around you to achieve better relationships and better wellbeing.

Face reading is a comprehensive practice that takes account of all of your features, including:

  • The placement, shape and colour of your eyes
  • The size, direction and shape of your nose
  • The curvature of your eyebrows
  • The overall face structure and shape
  • And much more

You will be shown in great detail what each area of your face represents. With this knowledge, you will gain a new awareness that will bring a profound understanding of who you are.

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